Unfortunately, the FOIA request proving this will not be answered before the election…I’m sure Nolan’s lie won’t matter to staunch supporters anyway.

From the Mesabi daily news…



Jim Romsaas Oct 22, 2016

Rick Nolan is NOT for the military. I see Rick has been caught again. Between supporting Hilary Clinton and not standing against Anti mining legislation, he claims to have served in the Army Reserve. There is not record of him with the National Archives and Records Administration or with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Nothing! I personally had a face to face conversation with him May 28th 2016 and he stated he had been in the Army Reserve, this when I was speaking with him on veterans issues. He also stated this when talking with veterans in a forum in Hibbing recently. This is the lowest of lies, to promote yourself as a veteran. He voted for giving himself a raise and nothing for military members pay. In his first term in office he voted to give Vietnam draft deserters automatic entitlements to veterans benefits. So all the adds your hear about him being for the veterans, its totally false. He is only running ! with it because its a election year. Shame on you Rick. Go pick you wild rice. I bet you don’t know the first thing about harvesting wild rice. I see you corrected that in your current ads on TV, Our gun rights are not about hunting, they are our right to own. You still receive a F rating from the NRA. That is the truth. Please vote Mills, not Nolan.

Cory Pylkka


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