He’s no less of a shitbag because his confession was ruled inadmissible. Your tax dollars hard at work.

Charge in Iron Range Cold Case Thrown Out, Ex-Suspect to Be Released

Bruce Wayne Cameron will be released from jail after a judge threw out a second-degree homicide charge against him.

bruce-wayne-cameron-with-sidebarsOctober 24, 2016 11:58 AM

A man held for more than a year in a decades-old Iron Range homicide case is set to be released from jail after a judge threw out the charge against him.

Forty-six-year-old Bruce Wayne Cameron was arrested in June of 2015 and had been charged with intentional second-degree murder. The charge came in the death of Leona Mary Maslowski, who was 83 when she was killed in her Virginia apartment in 1987.

Cameron’s public defender argued that Cameron’s confession was coerced, and that he was allegedly mislead into believing he would only face juvenile charges.

On Friday, Judge David Ackerson threw out the confession as inadmissible. The confession had been used to establish probable cause in the case.

The document specifies that Cameron should be released ten days from the date of the order, which is Oct. 31.

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