How can you call dumping raw sewage an “honest mistake”??

Report: DNC bus caught dumping sewage into storm drain


A Democratic National Committee tour bus sporting ads for Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine illegally dumped human waste into a storm drain between campaign stops on Tuesday, according to a CBS affiliate in Atlanta.

Lawrenceville, Ga., police are investigating the claim after a witness came forward Tuesday morning with photos of the incident on Grayson Highway. The unnamed witness, a businessman from the town, took photos of the Democratic organization’s bus spitting out sewage onto the ground.

Police told CBS when they arrived at the site, mushed up toilet paper was visible on the ground and the area smelled like sewage. A HAZMAT crew was later called to the scene and will work with Gwinnett Country Storm Water and the State Environment Protection Department to investigate the crime.

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The DNC issued an apology to the community later on Tuesday.

“This was an honest mistake and we apologize to the Lawrenceville community for any harm we may have caused. We were unaware of any possible violations and have already taken corrective action with the charter bus company to prevent this from happening again. Furthermore, the DNC will work with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, as well as local and state officials to determine the best course of corrective action,” DNC said in a statement.

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