This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. Governor moonbeam strikes again.

California Cops Told To Lock Guns In Trunk

By Rook On October 15, 2016


California Cops Told To Lock Guns In Trunk

New legislation out of California could see its citizens faced with a $1000 dollar fine if they do not lock up their firearms when leaving them in an unattended vehicle, and the police are specifically mentioned.

Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill, which will take effect on January 1st, in a response to some high-profile thefts from police vehicles in the San Francisco Bay Area. The bill was among four gun control bills the Governor signed and it joins more than half-dozen gun control measures approved so far this year.
The bill, SB 869, advises that anyone leaving a weapon unattended must lock it in the trunk or a locked container out of plain sight.

Two particular cases of weapons stolen from law enforcement vehicles occurred last year and in both cases the weapons were used the murder of 32 year old Kate Steinle in San Francisco and 27 year old Antonio Ramos in Oakland. Kate Steinle was shot in the back as she walked with her father and family friend along a popular pier in San Francisco. Antonio Ramos was an artist working on a community mural when he was shot and killed after an argument broke out.

The family of Ramos filed a claim against the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, stating they were partly responsible in the shooting because it was committed with an agent’s stolen service weapon.

Most of the firearms stolen from police vehicles occurred by breaking into the trunk.

It’s reported that police won’t face sanctions during urgent situations but only time will tell. In an ever changing world it seems strange to think you could find yourself responsible for a crime committed by another person who used your stolen property. A locked vehicle didn’t stop three handguns and an FBI agent’s badge from being stolen. The vehicle was locked and equipped with an alarm.

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