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Los Angeles Police Commission Tells Officers To Run Away from Armed Suspects

By D.H. Callahan On September 23, 2016
Los Angeles, CA – The Los Angeles Police Commission who is tasked with setting policies for the police department, has decided that if an officer is confronted by an armed subject they should run away. The decision stems from an officer involved shooting where a suspect charged two officers with a large knife, citing that the officers should have “redeployed” to “create distance.”

There is no disputing of the facts of this case. A female suspect, armed with an 8 to 9-inch knife, repeatedly ignored commands to stop, ran at the officers, and was even recorded yelling “shoot me,” all the while brandishing the knife swinging it from side to side.

In less than 10 seconds the female suspect closed a 70 foot gap to just 5 feet prompting the first officer to fire his weapon. This left only 3 seconds for the second officer to react to the threat, prompting the Commission to conclude that “it was reasonable for Officer C to believe, in the moment when the use of force occurred, that the subject would imminently assault him with the knife.”

In true Monday morning quarterback fashion, people with no police training or experience thoroughly analyzed this seconds long shooting. Using the video, they broke down the footage frame by frame concluding that in mere seconds the first officers’ “position initially provided Officer C with a position of tactical advantage” which was lost as the suspect charged with the knife. Further writing “this advantage rapidly diminished as the Subject continued her advance, leaving him with neither distance nor effective cover as the subject approached the space between two parked vehicles by which Officer C was located.”

Imagine having a vehicles on either side of you and a charging suspect with a knife. How do you “redeploy” to gain another tactical advantage? This would only further endanger officers and the public.

Chief Charlie Beck of the LAPD even agreed with the officers’ actions. Despite the Chief’s endorsement, the Commission overruled the Chief’s decision. The Commissioners, while acknowledging the Officer was right in feeling his life was in jeopardy, felt the Officer was in the wrong and should have run away. Remember, the Commission has a combined law enforcement experience of zero years.

If you work in LA, prepare for hell if you ever need to defend your life.


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