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New Ken apartment raid nets 6 arrests, drugs, cash

Chuck Biedka BY CHUCK BIEDKA | Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014, 11:12 a.m.
A pre-dawn raid at a New Kensington apartment building Tuesday yielded heroin, cocaine, marijuana and several thousand dollars in cash and ended with six people facing drug-trafficking charges.

Police and Pennsylvania Attorney General’s drug agents used a battering ram to enter the back door of an apartment at 337 Fourth Ave. in the city’s Parnassus neighborhood at about 7 a.m.

A flash grenade was set off to disorient people inside. All seven apparently were sleeping.

Police said one man on a couch and another man attempted to escape through the front door, but ran back inside when they saw police outside the building.

The men surrendered when confronted by the A.G.’s entry team, which went through a back door near an alley.

Seven people were detained but only six were charged. Two of the them are Detroit residents.

City police Chief Tom Klawinski said officers found five “bricks” of heroin, which consist of 250 heroin packets; four grams of cocaine; three ounces of marijuana; and $2,500 in the living room.

Police said scales and other items used in drug sales were confiscated.

Fort Crawford Elementary School, which closed for this school year, is within 100 yards of the apartments.

Police said the apartment building is managed by Rick Hovanec of RFH Development, Mt. Pleasant.Havonec didn’t return calls for comment.

The six suspects were arraigned by District Judge Frank J. Pallone Jr.

Charged with selling heroin:

• Torrance Deshante Elion, 42, of Evergreen Road, Detroit.

• Mark Jones, 30, of Indiana Street, Detroit.

• Tevin King, 18, of 1743 Kenneth Ave., New Kensington.

Accused of selling cocaine and marijuana:

• Renee Basel, 42, of 337 Fourth Ave., New Kensington.

• Brandon Allen, 18, of Arnold.

• Shelia Johnson, 44, of 337 Fourth Ave., New Kensington.

Pallone held the two suspects from Detroit without bond as they await a preliminary hearing Nov. 3.

The other four were sent to Westmoreland County jail in lieu of $75,00 cash bond pending hearings the same day.

Police didn’t comment about a seventh person in the apartment who wasn’t charged.

Chuck Biedka is a staff writer for Trib Total Media. He can be reached at 724-226-4711 or

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