There has to be a special place in hell for folks that do this stuff..

Cemetery Worker Steals Deceased WWII Veteran’s Wallet for Pizza And Video Game Spree

9:54 PM 06/21/2016

An employee at the Florida National Cemetery stole a credit card from a deceased World War II veteran and used it to pay for pizza and video gaming cards, according to police.


Kevin A. Cullen, 33, was arrested after family of the 93-year-old veteran noticed credit card charges on one of his accounts the same day he was interred at the national cemetery, as reported by WFAL, News Channel 8.

Sheriff’s detectives and a special agent from the Veteran’s Administration Office of Inspector General made contact with Cullen before he reported for work yesterday, according to a press release by the Sumter County Sheriff’s office.

Cullen admitted to removing the deceased veteran’s wallet from the urn. He used the credit card to pay for pizza and video gaming cards, according to the sheriff’s office.

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