A few thoughts our lame media and ignorant politicians.

Its very tiring and disappointing to read and hear the mainstream media, politicians, some democrats, left of center lunatics and misinformed morons continually bashing firearms enthusiasts.  I realize very few will actually read this or give a rip about facts, but I’ll try.

First, the rifle used in the tragic Orlando shooting was not an AR-15, it was a Sig Sauer MCX carbine.  Yes, there is a difference.  For the uninformed, the “AR” in AR-15 does NOT stand for “automatic rifle” nor does it stand for “assault rifle”, it stands for Armalite, a brand of rifle and the original designer of the “AR-15” platform.  The military has not issued the AR-15, it has issued the M14, the M16, and the M4.  The AR-15 is not a “weapon of war” as grandma Clinton and other political hacks want you to believe.  Granted, they look similar but are different weapons and military weapons utilize “select fire”, meaning they are capable of shooting semi automatic, three round burst, or fully automatic.  The AR-15 is a semi automatic rifle, one cartridge per trigger squeeze.

Second, a magazine is a magazine…a clip is a clip.  Yes, the difference is significant.


Third, a cartridge is a cartridge, a bullet is the projectile that leaves the cartridge and hits the target, get it?


It seems our politicians want to scare Americans into a fetal position sucking their thumbs by continually using misnomers and incorrect terminology and misleading palaver.  Our liar in chief recently referred to a “dangerous rifle”.  Aren’t all rifles inherently dangerous if they are in the wrong hands with lethal intent?  What stupidity.

Would any of you consider this a dangerous weapon?


Well, I bet the Boston Bombers recognized that it could be used as one in their evil criminality and their sick agenda.

See folks, all this is about control.  Control the language, control the agenda, control the population.  I know some of you realize this but if you don’t, open your eyes, your ears, your brain.  God gave you a brain to think with, use it for goodness sakes and stop buying the the bullshit you’re being fed.  For those of you that get it, pass it on to someone who may not., it might just do some good.

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