Meanwhile, the liar in chief and his minions still lie about their lies.

IRS Releases Larger List of Targeted Groups
By Brian Freeman | Sunday, 05 Jun 2016 10:37 PM


The IRS has finally released a comprehensive list of the organizations it targeted for intrusive scrutiny, under pressure from federal judges fed up with what they said was the agency stonewalling. The Washington Times reports.

The move was spurred by a class-action lawsuit brought against the IRS for targeting for extra scrutiny conservative tea party groups’ applications for tax-exempt status, so the list is important to determine who would have a claim against the agency.

The release of 426 organizations is much higher than the 298 the IRS’s inspector general acknowledged in May 2013 when its investigators first revealed the scandal.
However, Edward Greim, the lawyer representing the class action suit, said this latest list could include non-conservative groups he says were artificially added after the IRS knew it was being investigated in an attempt to give the false impression that its operation was not due to political bias.

The latest chapter in this saga comes as as Politico recently reported that the House Judiciary Committee is preparing to convene later this month to decide whether to seek impeachment against IRS Commissioner John Koskinen for his part in the scandal.

He is accused of ignoring subpoenas and lying to Congress under oath concerning the scandal.
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