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Sheriff Clarke: ‘Never Trump’ should pivot to ‘Never Mrs. Bill Clinton’


A Wisconsin sheriff has a new slogan idea for “Never Trump” forces plotting to fight presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump: “Never Mrs. Bill Clinton.”

“The circular firing squad has to stop,” Milwaukee County sheriff Sheriff David Clarke Jr. said Saturday on Fox News, taking aim at anti-Trump Republicans who he said are toying with “political suicide” and would result in Hillary Clinton becoming president.
“I say don’t get upset with Donald Trump, get upset with your candidate who could not connect with the voters to win this nomination,” Clarke said. “‘Never Trump’ is going to have to pivot and start saying — and it might be a hard bitter pill for some people to swallow — but they’re going to have to start saying ‘Never Mrs. Bill Clinton.'”
Clarke said it is time for Republicans to accept the fact that Trump “connected with more voters than any of the other candidates,” though he added that it is incumbent on Trump to convince voters to support his campaign.

Clarke’s comments follow Friday’s news that Mitt Romney, who ran an unsuccessful Republican campaign for president in 2012, met with Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol to discuss the possibility of an independent run. (The Weekly Standard and the Washington Examiner have common ownership.)

Earlier in the week Trump’s last two remaining rivals, Ted Cruz and John Kasich, dropped out of the race after a crushing loss in Indiana’s primary.

With the field has been narrowed to one, Clarke said that Republicans threatening to sit this election out or follow through with “crazy talk” about running a third-party candidate is “tantamount to playing Russian roulette with a semi-automatic handgun.”

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