Morons, nitwits and dipshits.



I was thinking today about our Liar in Chief’s lies during his lecture to the minions he thinks he rules last night, and about the only thing that came to mind was our society is bound by political posture.  Ethics, morals, honor, humility, and integrity (not to say anything about belief in GOD) have all been thrown in the ditch by our “public servants” and the mis or un informed keep voting for the same stuff.  It started with Woodrow Wilson (read your history) but its become a way of life for many.

Integrity is a funny thing.  You either have it or you don’t.  There’s no wiggle room.  Take our vodka soaked county attorney.  He showed his colors, he very well could have taken a leave of absence after his DWI arrest, sobered up, apologized to the taxpayers, humbled himself, but no.  He disappeared for awhile, got some photo ops, and is still drawing his $100K plus salary a year while peddling plea agreements.  Changes?  No.  He might be sober, but I doubt it. You, meanwhile, keep paying your taxes, funding his salary, his retirement, and his sweet benefit package.

The other day, Brett Berry, an admitted drunk, abusive Ramsay County deputy, was allowed a plea deal in a much publicized and horrific incident that should have resulted in the immediate termination and incarceration of a man that swore an oath.  Oh, I forget, the same oath our drunk in the courthouse took, to uphold the law and the Constitution. Unfortunately, our Judge will likely approve the plea deal even though she is not compelled to. Another public servant.  Is it in YOUR best interest to allow an admitted animal abuser to skate on documented abuses?  You pay the freight for these abuses.  Is that acceptable to you?

Mayor Hagen.  Is he not entitled to his opinion?  Oh..wait, it isn’t politically correct.  I’m sick and fucking tired of political correctness.  Like it or not, there is a little blurb in the First amendment protecting freedom of speech.  Funny how the “protesters” in Superior were filmed dragging the United States Flag over her oversized body and the ground, without protest, but Mayor Hagen was brutalized for his opinion.  In case you didn’t know, its improper to drape it over oneself, be used as a number of things, or touched on the ground.  The media was silent on the hag’s disrespect of our flag.


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