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Legal action possible in dispute over rejected Fargo yearbook photo
By Forum News Service Today at 2:05 p.m.

FARGO, N.D. – The father of a Fargo North High School senior is considering legal action over the decision by the school’s principal to refuse to allow a photo of his son posing with a rifle and an American flag as his class photo in the school’s yearbook.Josh Renville_0_1

Charles Renville said he discussed the issue with Principal Andy Dahlen and Associate Superintendent Bob Grosz for an hour on Thursday.

Renville said he was told the men will make a decision in a day or two on whether to allow the photo of his son, Josh Renville, in the North yearbook.

If the family doesn’t like that decision, Renville said they will have 30 days to appeal it to Superintendent Jeff Schatz.

Josh Renville, a senior, submitted a photo of himself to the yearbook holding an assault-type rifle while standing near an American flag. He is wearing a shirt that depicts the U.S. flag. The yearbook adviser, after seeing the weapon, asked Dahlen whether the photo was allowed in the yearbook. The principal reviewed school policy and decided the picture was not allowable under three provisions.

One bans the carrying of weapons on school property; another prohibits publishing of materials in school-sponsored media “that violates federal or state law, promotes violence, terrorism, or other illegal activity …”; and a third bans clothing that advertises or promotes weapons.

While acknowledging none of the policies specifically prohibits photos of weapons from appearing in the yearbook, Dahlen said before the meeting that “it’s the combination of those three policies that we’ve interpreted prevent it.”

“You can play devil’s advocate all you want, but if you can’t have it in school, why would we publish it in our media?” Dahlen said.

Dahlen said he talked with Charles Renville and explained his decision, with which Renville clearly didn’t agree and vehemently didn’t like.

Ahead of Thursday’s meeting, Charles Renville posted on Facebook that he wants Dahlen fired. He told WDAY-AM radio in Fargo that “this is the straw that broke the camel’s back. (Dahlen) has been picking on my family for years for our political and religious beliefs.”

Renville said after the meeting that his belief in the primacy of the Bill of Rights, which includes the right to bear arms, and the outpouring of support for his son after a Facebook post showing the photo and laying out the family’s side of the dispute, have him thinking about talking to a lawyer.

“I’ve never had a response like this. I think it touched a nerve,” Renville said. “It’s a picture. It’s not promoting violence. It’s a picture of a kid expressing his love for the country he lives in.”

Renville said guns are one of his son’s hobbies, and it should be treated no differently than if he had been posing with a football or a car he had rebuilt.

“I think we probably will go to an attorney,” Renville said.

No reply was received to a request for an interview with Grosz.

Betsy Beaton, a district spokeswoman, said the district would have no official comment on the meeting between the administrators and Renville.

“We will not have a comment on that,” Beaton said. “We are not commenting on it because it is about a student and (to comment) would violate FERPA.”

FERPA is the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

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