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Guns save lives. You’ll never hear a gun grabbing politician use FBI statistics on crime and gun sales.

FBI REPORTS DECREASE IN MURDERS, ROBBERIES FOLLOWING RECORD GUN SALES by AWR HAWKINS29 Sep 201540 2013 was a banner year for gun sales, with a record 21,093,273 background checks for gun purchases completed. And with all those new guns in circulation, the FBI reports that murders and robberies have decreased. On November 10, the FBI […]

If you quit your job or your contract isn’t renewed, is that being “forced out”? I see the payday coming, at the expense of the taxpayer….all because of political correctness.

3 former Duluth coaches file discrimination lawsuit Openly gay women were forced out, lawsuit claims. By STAFF REPORTS SEPTEMBER 28, 2015 — 10:53AM AARON LAVINSKY, STAR TRIBUNE Three former coaches at the University of Minnesota-Duluth filed a lawsuit Monday morning in U.S. District Court against the U of M Board of Regents alleging seven counts […]

More big brother.

Joe Soucheray: Real ID just another way for feds to track us By Joe Soucheray POSTED: 09/26/2015 11:37:18 AM CDT | UPDATED: 111 MIN. AGO Because the federal government might not believe I am who I say I am, I will be required to have a Real ID. I don’t even think that’s an […]

Its not “treatment”, its replacing one addiction for another. The defendant “didn’t know or have reason to know” the doper would misuse her dope? Isn’t that what dopers do? What a defense. She killed two people. Does that even matter any more?

Judge allows punitive damages in lawsuit against Brainerd methadone clinic By Andrew Krueger Today at 3:25 p.m. A judge has ruled that the families of two Carlton County workers killed in an October 2012 vehicle collision can seek punitive damages against a Brainerd clinic that provided methadone to the woman who caused the crash. Sixth […]

Liar? The liars are the ones defending abortionists and planned parenthood. Mainstream media sucks, do your own thinking.

They Said Fiorina Lied About Planned Parenthood At The Debate. Then She Released This Video… Warning the content contained in this video is graphic Randy DeSoto September 23, 2015 at 4:38pm Numerous liberal media outlets have come out accusing presidential candidate Carly Fiorina of lying about an undercover Planned Parenthood video showing a live fetus. […]

Our embarrassing leaders. One sleeps, one weeps, the Pope speaks.

I’m not sure which is worse.  

Dopers and their providers. Since so much tax money is used to fund these leftist programs, the taxpayers will lose again.

Families get go ahead to seek punitive damages against methadone clinic By Ramona Marozas – Biography September 23, 2015 Updated Sep 23, 2015 at 7:08 PM CDT Carlton, MN ( — Two Northland families received the go ahead on Wednesday in federal court to seek punitive damages against a Brainerd, Minn., methadone clinic. Their civil […]

Strangely, the officials that bilked and approved the bilking of YOUR money aren’t named. I’d bet they were promoted way, way beyond their capabilities.

EPA Official Flew Home Every Weekend on Taxpayer’s Dime Spent $69,000 on ‘excessive trips’ BY: Elizabeth Harrington September 23, 2015 1:10 pm An Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) official flew nearly every weekend from his office in San Francisco to his home in southern California, amassing $69,000 in “excessive trips,” according to the Office of Inspector […]

Here’s an idea! Bring back the death penalty for repeat sex offenders, that would solve a couple of problems.

State pushes back against proposed reforms to Minnesota Sex Offender Program By Chris Serres, Minneapolis Star Tribune on Sep 22, 2015 at 6:31 p.m. State officials are pushing back against a series of proposed reforms to Minnesota’s troubled sex offender program ahead of a high-profile court hearing next week. Citing concerns about costs, staff shortages […]

This is Minnesota nice and its nice to see it from a 9 year old. His parents should be awful damn proud.

Minnesota boy, 9, donates birthday money for K-9 bulletproof vests Published September 21, Plenty of 9-year-old boys ask for cash for their birthday. Few use the money like Ethan Flint. The St. Paul, Minn., fourth-grader donated $1,200 to the St. Paul Police Department on Saturday to help outfit the K-9 unit with bulletproof vests, […]