Accused abusive dog handler, Brett Berry, makes an appearance.



Well folks, justice didn’t happen again in the Cartoon County Courthouse.  I know, innocent until proven guilty and all that, but if the man had one scintilla of integrity or respect for the system he worked in, he’d plead guilty and take his medicine.  I for one have a bit more respect for those that admit their crimes, ask for forgiveness, and take their punishment without whining and crying about it.  Anyway, there will be a scheduled pre-trial hearing September 30th at 11000 hours in the Cartoon County Courthouse.

I was expecting a quick in and out plea agreement so in one respect, I guess it will be mice if it goes to trial, at least Berry’s lawyer is costing him money but unfortunately, the taxpayers take it on the chin with every delay and hearing.  There was a fairly large audience today and hopefully there will be at every hearing.  Judge Macauley look rather confused (more than usual anyway) when half the spectators got up and left the courtroom after the smirking Brett Berry and his lawyer departed.

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