I think he ought to work on getting a few screws snug before making amends. How long will his victims suffer? Forever, its a life sentence for them. Meanwhile, left wing freak judge Frank orders turds like this released from the pervert palace in Moose Lake.

Former Duluth firefighter pleads guilty in child porn case
By Robb Jeffries, Forum News Service Today at 5:13 p.m.

MINNEAPOLIS — A former Duluth firefighter entered a guilty plea Thursday in federal court on charges of creating pornography involving an infant.

Caleb Stuart Lofald, 33, was charged in U.S. District Court with creating 12 photos of a naked 4-month-old girl on about May 1, 2013. Some of the photos included a hand Lofald said was his, along with evidence of Lofald’s sexual assault of the child.

Lofald confirmed the girl was a relative he was babysitting.

Lofald faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years in prison, with a maximum of 30 years. A sentencing date was not immediately set.

A visibly gaunt and tearful Lofald, donning an orange jumpsuit, took the stand Thursday to change his plea just days before his trial was set to start. He said he was entering the plea to begin working toward repairing his relationships with his family.

“I want to accept responsibility for what I did,” Lofald said as he glanced toward several family members at the hearing. “I want to make amends.”

Paul Engh, Lofald’s lead attorney, called Thursday “a tragic day for a man that was a well-respected firefighter.”

The investigation began in October 2014 when evidence that someone had used a file-sharing program to download suspected child pornography was traced to a Duluth fire station, where Lofald was working.

When investigators were searching the fire station, Lofald reportedly told an investigator he was the one they were looking for, and agreed to have his home searched.

Court documents allege that investigators found numerous photographs and recordings on electronic devices seized from both Lofald’s Hermantown home and the Duluth Fire Department’s Fire Station 7, 1419 Maple Grove Road.

The devices allegedly included photographs of the partially nude 4-month-old girl, with several images depicting a sexual assault of the child, according to a criminal complaint filed in State District Court in Duluth. The photos allegedly were taken in Lofald’s home in May 2013.

Investigators said that video recordings of a 6-year-old boy and adult female also were retrieved from the electronic devices. The videos were recorded by a hidden camera in a guest room at Lofald’s home on separate days in September 2014, according to the complaint.

In April, Engh had entered a motion in federal court to suppress key evidence — including statements Lofald made to investigators during the search of the fire station and his home — but that motion was denied earlier this week by U.S. District Judge Ann Montgomery.

Lofald still faces first- and second-degree criminal sexual conduct charges at the state level, along with other charges at the state and federal level.

Lofald, who was raised in Hermantown, held a position as a firefighter with the Fargo Fire Department before returning to the Duluth area to work for the Duluth Fire Department. Lofald has been in custody since early January. After initially placing him on paid administrative leave during the criminal investigation, city officials terminated his employment on Feb. 2.

The News Tribune contributed to this report.

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