To my stalker, beware.

Okay, I understand your frustration.  Your lovely husband was using State resources for, well, presumably personal gain,minimally, not in behalf of the taxpayers. or within his job description.

I get it…you and your hubby don’t like being outed for your misbehavior and criminality, and yes, it is criminal.  Assumably , an  investigation has ensued, which was what pushed you into doing what you did this morning.

Now, I understand you’ve got buddies in the courthouse that tell you, well, I don’t know what they tell you but your act this morning was incredibly stupid.  You are supposed to know better based on your profession and if your hubby was any part of it, he’s as ignorant as you appear to be.

I’d very much encourage you to concentrate on, well, something else than me because I’d like to think you certainly have better things to do.  Take a little peek at the statute link below if you doubt my allegations.



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