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The picture says it all.

He was given every opportunity to redeem himself, I just hope Congress sticks to their guns.

I’m certain Tom Pertler would be proud to have this incompetent boob working for him.  Tom, get ahold of Holder and offer him a job, maybe he’ll take it and punish the citizens of Cartoon County instead of the entire Country.  Just think how famous you’d be for hiring the former AG!  Might even get […]

How many of you even know who Brian Terry was?

If you voted for Obama or any Congressman that enacted Obamacare, you are to blame.

Now, I realize my conservatism goes against the grain of many in this liberal part of the world, and I know its a strong statement, but thats just too bad.  If you are a voter that supported any Democrat endorsing this dog and pony show, please document the misery you feel when you, your spouse, […]

Big Sis and our dictator pull cash from a program that works.

By THE WASHINGTON TIMES   The Washington Times Tuesday, June 26, 2012 The Obama administration’s hatred for the Second Amendment has reached new heights. After nearly a decade of safe operation, the White House is looking to reduce the number of pilots who provide an extra layer of security against airborne terror by packing a pistol in the cockpit. […]

Huh? How does a guy pull this off?

Now this, my friends astounds me.  It would appear this individual pleaded guilty to a gross misdemeanor and according to the record published in the Pine Journal, the case was dismissed.  How does this happen?  I see more and more of these types of things in the paper, I just can’t wrap my mind around […]

You’d never guess who the Chairman of this effort is.

Join us for the July 4th Defeat Obama Telethon! We’re bringing together conservative leaders & activists across this nation for a historic broadcast to kick off a swing state campaign targeting 44 Electoral Votes in key states. Go to Facebook now to RSVP and invite your friends, make a contribution today to kickstart this effort, then tune in from […]

More hypocrisy. Nice. Do as I say, not as I do.

US GREEN-CONSCIOUS MAYOR BLOOMBERG CAUGHT HOOKING UP WINDOW AC UNIT TO HIS CAR! Posted on June 27, 2012 at 7:14am by  Jonathon M. Seidl If there were no pictures or video, I would not blame you for thinking this was made up. But there are, and it’s not. The New York Post has uncovered a dirty little secret about […]

Explain to me how this stupidity is the Homer P.D.’s fault. Six years later? Come on already. Please, tell me.

$3.5 Million isn’t enough?  Really folks, this is beyond the pale.  I’m thinking the chick that brings this suit and her lawyer both need some hard time.  After all, it appears little Cherry was made her choices…maybe the county should sue her, no?  Sure is nice to see all the sideliners decide what should have […]

I applaud this group of brave women.

Unless or until you deal with PTSD, its difficult to understand.  Frankly, I think most folks don’t even know the first thing about it.  I had one individual tell me its “weakness of the mind”.  I assure you folks, it isn’t.  Its real.  Kudos for these brave wives to make a difference. HEALTH ‘BATTLING BARE’: […]