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Another “victim’s advocate” is now a victim? Didn’t we hear this story before? Is that the BS story we are to believe? Do you think she’ll get the sweet deal Ross did when he was arrested? Do you folks buy all the BS you’re paying for?

Published February 29, 2012, 12:00 AM Attorney: County employee accused of wrongfully obtaining medical assistance was helping support parents A woman who worked as a victims’ advocate in the St. Louis County Attorney’s Office was sending money from a second job to her parents and didn’t knowingly break the law when she failed to report […]

More of your tax dollars hard at work.

Why shouldn’t Babic have to pay this as restitution?  I mean, after all, he’s the one that did the deed to begin with, right? Babic hearing costs Superior $37,000 The city of Superior spent $37,141 to hold a hearing before the Police and Fire Commission to determine if a city police officer should be fired […]

Lets see, an “Native” stabs someone in the skywalk between the Holiday Center and Wells Fargo, no apparent motive. Can you put the pieces together?

Published February 27, 2012, 02:34 PM 18-year-old man stabbed in Duluth skywalk Police don’t know what prompted the stabbing, Duluth police spokesman James Hansen said. An 18-year-old man was stabbed twice in the leg in the Superior Street skywalk between the Holiday Center and Wells Fargo Bank Sunday afternoon. Police don’t know what prompted the […]

Does “Media Matters”, matter? Does the media even matter? Depends on where you get your news media.

Obviously this jackass has a motive, the story implies it but if you’re capable of having an independent thought, you won’t have to guess what it might be.  When I say jackass, you can decide which ass clown you wish it to apply. Politics Media Matters boss paid former partner $850G ‘blackmail’ settlement By Jana Winter […]

Now, this is funny.

Yeah, I know, its out of the normal mantra, but on this windy day I had little better to do than look for bizarro criminality and its results.  Yes, I do think this is funny as hell.  From our friends at THE BLAZE. CRIMEBAR PATRONS BEAT WOULD-BE ROBBER TO A PULP WITH HIS OWN SHOTGUN […]

Conservatives Suck

Why Being Conservative Sucks The Angry Americano at February 15, 2012 Left wing liberal democrats will be the first ones to tell you that conservatives suck. They are partially correct in that being conservative does suck but they really don’t now why. Bill Whittle explains why being conservative sucks.

Not exactly a stellar record, is it? Who was supposed to be supervising him? Your elected school board, of course.

Former Duluth school superintendent spent 31 of 117 work days out of office Former Duluth school Superintendent I.V. Foster was out of the office for more than a quarter of the time during his 5½ months on the job, employee records obtained by the News Tribune show.By: Jana Hollingsworth, Duluth News Tribune I.V. Foster I.V. Foster […]

The Chevy Volt Pardy Ad

See The Chevy Volt Parody Ad That GM Probably Doesn’t Like Posted on February 24, 2012 at 7:37am by Mike Opelka The Blaze Yesterday we posted a story about a memo allegedly sent by GE Healthcare America to its employees. The memo was a corporate mandate explaining that company cars will be replaced by the Chevy […]

Wake up, look around, pull your head out of the sand. Just think, it will nearly double in a decade if NOBAMA’S policies aren’t reversed.

BUSINESS: THIS CHART OF AMERICA’S PER CAPITA DEBT SHOULD WORRY YOU Posted on February 23, 2012 at 3:40pm by  Becket Adams The Senate Budget Committee Republican staff under Ranking Member Jeff Sessions (R-AL)released this alarming graph Thursday morning: What does this mean? Well, as the graph clearly indicates, America’s per capita government debt is worse than that of Portugal, […]


Maybe Barbara Reylets ought to do some research before she does her next expose’. Environment ‘Fracking Crazy’ or ‘Fracking Brilliant?’: A Look at the Pro-Fracking Documentary ‘FrackNation’ Posted on February 16, 2012 at 7:40pm by Liz Klimas The Blaze There are two sides to every story. Just as critics responded to Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” […]