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And yet, another sweet deal for another government employee. Beat your girlfriend, get caught in Cartoon county, get a plea agreement, resign your job, keep your retirement. Nice, huh?

Does it ever end?   Superior officer resigns after disorderly conduct charge Officer Daniel E. Hawkin II was on a two-year, last-chance agreement at the time of the resignation.By: Superior Telegram staff, Superior Telegram Daniel Ellis Hawkin II Daniel Ellis Hawkin II A 20-year-career in law enforcement ended Jan 24, when Master Police Officer Daniel E. […]

Its about time, don’t you think?

Think about it folks, if you or I were to refuse to respond to a subpoena, we’d be in jail.  Whether it be by congress, Wolfie, or Maculay, if you don’t respond to a subpoena, you’re in the graybar hotel.  This idiot is our AG! Issa threatens contempt proceeding against Holder if Justice fails to […]

What stupidity. Why would the Duluth News Tribune even take this up?

This has to rank about the top five of the dumbest things I’ve ever read in the newspaper.  Think about it.  First, why would your mayor take part in such an undertaking?  Voters you think?  Well, he ran unopposed last election.   Who is “our opinion?”.  If an editorial is written, is it not practice […]

More of your tax dollars down the crapper.

Judicial Watch Obtains Documents Detailing the Cost to Taxpayers for Michelle Obama’s Family Trip to Africa October 04, 2011 | Email PrintText Size Charges for the Aircraft and Crew Alone Amount to $424,142 Contact Information: Press Office 202-646-5172, ext 305 Washington, DC — October 4, 2011 Judicial Watch, the organization that investigates and fights government corruption, […]

Another Cartoon county employee prosecuting you for your mistakes. Do you think you’d get this sweet deal? Of course not.

Do you think you’d get this sweet of a deal if you were arrested?  Of course not, unless you worked for Thom Pertler, then you might.  Keep in mind, you taxpayers are paying for this.  Interesting to note he pleaded guilty to a carless driving and the DWUI was dropped.  How many of you folks […]

This is an analogy that makes a lot of sense.

Rep. Barton: U.S. ‘Fought and Won WW II in Less Time’ than Obama Had to Evaluate Keystone Pipeline By Pete Winn January 25, 2012 Subscribe to Pete Winn’s posts Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas.(AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari) ( – Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) took aim Wednesday at the State Department official dispatched to Congress to explain why President […]

Let’s all hope this happens sooner than later, eh?

Minnesota DNR wolf plan would allow 400 to be killed Hunters and trappers would have to apply for the license and the season would be held in late November, after the regular firearms deer season is over and when wolf pelts are prime.By: John Myers, Duluth News Tribune  Image  Talk about it Up to 6,000 Minnesotans […]

Oh yes, there’s more to come.

We’ve got a little project in the works that isn’t quite finished yet and at the rate our county officials are going, we won’t be done for quite some time.  Anyone have any information on a county employee that was promoted outside of the union contract?  Oh, well, I guess it really doesn’t matter because […]

So, does anyone remember Thom Pertler’s quote to the DNT news article on 08/10/2010?

Yes boys and girls, when asked about the alleged theft of Atkinson Township money by a township official, he said this: “The state auditor did a fairly comprehensive review and forwarded the reports to the sheriff’s office,” Pertler said. “It’s the public’s money. We’ve got to hold our public officials to higher standards.” These were […]

Now, there was no special treatment here, was there? Were there any breath tests done?

Now, its always been my understanding that if I’m turning right on a red light, I have to yield.  All these years I’ve been doing it this way and I guess I was wrong.  It appears as though the Cartoon County attorney admitted “scooting” through the parking lot to avoid being late, right?  Is that […]