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Take note, the first question tells you the referendum is about to expire.  Well, if its expiring, why renew it?  Wasn’t there a sundown date for a reason? The second question tells it all, if you approve it, you’ll be taking it up the chute.  Have you kept track of Duluth’s “Red plan” or the […]

Some good news for a change.

There are a number of reasons I like seeing stories like this in the paper.  First, it shows we DO have a drug problem here in the Northland, secondly, it shows the public how much work is involved by the local cops and Feds to at least slow it down, and lastly, its being charged […]

Let’s see where this goes.

I guess we have to stay optimistically positive that this might just change some of the way business gets done in the Courthouse.  I’m not holding my breath. Board appoints Genereau county coordinator County commissioners approved the hiring of a well-known face Monday to fill the position of county coordinator. Dennis Genereau Jr., who has […]

Not many details yet.

It was said on the morning news that guilty pleas were reached to avoid a trial with the Supreme Court, we’ll see if any more comes out in print. Suspension Recommended for Duluth Attorney Posted at: 09/28/2011 5:37 PM A Duluth attorney who was accused of loaning clients money and combining client monies and earned […]

Right in our backyard. And its said “Tea partiers” are racists, right? Watch the video.

All you hear on the mainstream media is blather of the “racist tea partiers”, right?  Look at the video attached to this and tell me the little darling black panther isn’t threatening the guy handing out pocket constitutions.  And what about the so called director of “Cultural Diversity”, Susana Pelayo – Woodward?  Do you really […]

Do you want proof you shouldn’t vote? Go to a recent Pew poll.

Just for giggles, I took a Pew poll.  The question was about news.  Eleven questions that are about as simple as a PBJ, so I thought.  Turns out, wifey and I are, according to Pew Research, 98% smarter about “news” than the rest of the folks taking the poll.  Now, we’re talking about news.  Simple […]

Your Government hard at work….continued.

Remember a few short years ago when all you heard was the regular blather about the Obama administration being the most transparent in history?  Yeah, sure it is. U.S. Government Used Taxpayer Funds to Buy, Sell Weapons During ‘Fast and Furious,’ Documents Show By William Lajeunesse Published September 26, 2011 | AP This Jan. 25 […]

Which will be the first charge dropped when the plea agreements start? Come on, you know..

Drug charges filed after woman gives up cocaine hidden in underwear A routine traffic stop last Thursday resulted in the arrest of three people for drugs as well as firearm possession by a felon for two of the three. By: Jana Peterson, Pine Journal Jeorme Davis Jeorme Davis Earl Ardan Harvey Melissa Davis A routine traffic […]

Whose responsibility was it to check the application?

Now, it might just sound a little crazy, but who should have checked the applications of these “Institutes of higher learning” to determine if they were eligible to receive money?  I’m thinking there has to be some responsibility in the agency approving the grants, isn’t there?  Is the Government simply not liable for what they […]

Its too bad the politicians don’t pay attention to voters.

It really is a shame that few politicians listen to the desires of the folks they are supposed to represent at all levels of Government.  Not that our President has the time or interest to listen to anyone other than his treasured advisors but it would be nice to feel listened to occasionally. An Open […]