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Did you read yesterday’s post of the Obama shuffle? Here it is locally.

Yet another dog and pony show.  Found him guilty of four of sixteen charges and he’s reinstated because it wasn’t enough to fire him?  HUH???  Exactly how many charges would it take?  Are you folks in Virginia gonna accept this scam? Published August 31, 2011, 11:35 AM Reinstated Virginia police chief: ‘I can improve’ UPDATE: […]

Let the obama shuffle begin.

Whether you’re speaking of local Government, county government, state government, or the Federales, the story seems to be the same.  The turds get caught, hook, line, and sinker, and they are allowed to either resign, (full pension of course) or transferred to an agency that keeps them under cover until the coverage is over.  Melson […]

And yet another thief in Government.

Its hard to tell if these types of things are more common or just better covered in the news, but I’m happy someone is at least making an effort to oust Government employees stealing from us all. Anoka County clerk diverted marriage fees to own pocket Article by: DAVID CHANEN , Star Tribune Updated: August 29, […]

Its not over till its over…3 years is a long time for someone like her.

Published August 26, 2011, 12:00 AM  Former Atkinson Township official sentenced for theft by swindle Former Atkinson Township Supervisor Traci Juntunen was sentenced Wednesday for two felony counts of theft by swindle committed when she was township supervisor. By: Jana Peterson, Pine Journal Traci Juntunen Traci Juntunen Former Atkinson Township Supervisor Traci Juntunen was sentenced Wednesday […]

Hogwash. He wanted a hooker, looked for it on the net, and got burned. Too bad.

Now, without having the benefit of the reports surrounding the dirty deal, it would appear the deal was done on the internet.  From what I’ve read, the deal was cut there, I don’t even see a valid argument concerning privacy.  Think about it, if the suspects were “seeking  prostitution for hire via the internet”, how […]

So, should apologies be anticipated?

Well folks, the deal is done, part of the cat is out of the bag, some crimes were atoned for in pleas of guilty to two felonies, but when will the rest come out?  Citizens of the township and former township officials have accused others of a gravel pit scheme to avoid taxes, some have […]

In case you’re interested.

Traci Juntunen’s sentencing hearing is set for her two felony guilt pleas tomorrow at 11:30 A.M.  I don’t know if her supporters will be there, but word is Ron Johnson told the crowd at the recent Atkinson Township meeting that he was going to tell the Judge that ”  If the residents would have let […]

This should make you feel good as you plan your vacation.

As reported in Judicial Watch: Individuals Who Pose A Threat Cleared To Work In Airports Last Updated: Tue, 08/23/2011 – 10:20am A decade after the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history the Homeland Security agency created to protect the nation’s transportation system clears “individuals who pose a threat” to work in “secure” areas of American […]

Now, this is good. Who gives away public money? $40 million. Think about it.

Millions in public money spent, but Iron Range power plant still just a dream DNT investigation, part 1 of 2: When Excelsior Energy launched its ambitious, clean energy project in 2001, the company touted it as a way to bring much-needed jobs and investment to the Iron Range. But after nearly a decade and receiving […]

A prosecutor “sandbagging” someone? No, of course not. Not here. No way.

Okay folks, now this one is a little strange.  Not that I have any sympathy or empathy for the suspect, but something here just reeks.  Originally he was charged with 5th degree then 4th degree sexual assault.  In the story, it sounds as if the defendant was charged with 5th and once bruising was seen, […]