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Limousine liberals. This ought to concern you and get you on the phone.

As American families continue to suffer and struggle with prices of gas, food, college, insurance, taxes and the like, Washington politicians  spending money like crazy.  Guess what?  This isn’t George Bush’s fault….its yours if you voted for those in office now.  Keep in mind, these are the very same folks that tell you to buy […]

Aren’t politician generous? With your money they are.

It just slays me, it really does.  Unemployment is up around 17% when you count those that have dropped off the rolls, inflation is creeping in quickly, fuel is at a record high, the government is broke….yet….Congress gives bonuses to their underlings.  Strangely, I only found this story published in the L.A. times, no place […]

Weiner’s weenie.

This is just too funny.  Anthony Weiner has to be the biggest whining weiner on the planet.  Friday, apparently sent a pic of a woody to some chick on the west coast, now he claims his twitter account was hacked.  Right.  Update.  Do you all believe this?  Think about it, even today, the first of […]

Inform yourselves. Don’t believe the legal arguments.

Okay folks, since the “alleged” murderer is now asking for a change of venue, its time to inform yourselves on State Statute in MN regarding change of venue.  You’ll hear all kinds of accusations by the defense lawyer, dreamy situations of fabricated or imaginary stories of the confessions (YES, keep in mind, there were confessions) […]

Once again, do as I say, not as I do.

Okay folks, We’re not to use incandescent bulbs because they waste energy.  We’re supposed to regularly check our tire pressure to save gas.  Your fearless leader has gone on record saying he didn’t mind $5.00 gas or taxing coal companies to put them out of business.  Remember, it was all about hope and change, right? […]

Global warming genius gets a D in Natural Science.

I just thought this article was funny.  All the hype about global warming fueled by a politician that barely passed Natural Science in college yet we’re supposed to buy his hype! Home » News Transcript: Al Gore Got ‘D’ in ‘Natural Sciences’ at Harvard Tuesday, May 24, 2011 By Michael W. Chapman   Former Vice President Al […]

I’d buy Judge Johnson a beer, actually, I’d buy many of them.

What a piece of work. Three cheers for the Judge and Kudos to the prosecutor.  Its too funny that he compares his case to that of a 75 year old accused prostitute, don’t you think? A Duluth judge told Gale Allen Rachuy on Monday that he couldn’t think of a person who fit the definition […]

Please take time to say a little prayer.

Or, a big one for that matter.  All those poor folks in Joplin, MO have nothing.  Three quarters of the town is destroyed.  I know it hit Minneapolis too, but certainly not with the devastation in Joplin.  Well, say a prayer for them all, it tragic.  How long will it take for the MSM news […]

Its confirmed.

The princess palace is indeed on the market.  Thanks to those of you that emailed me the listing, it would have been hard for me to find in the MPLS listings.  I sure hope any potential buyer hires an excellent title company if they buy the palace and I hope they buy good title insurance.

Rumor has it, the Princess’s house is up for sale.

It came from a pretty good source, hasn’t yet been confirmed, but it is said that Traci’s mansion on Park Lake is on the market.  It will be confirmed if its true, the work has begun.  Do you think enough will be set aside in escrow to pay back Atkinson Township for the  swindle and […]