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Another victim of the “system”. Yes, the officer, not the drunk.

Our condolences are with Don and his family.  I wonder if the turd in jail has an insurance policy to reimburse the medical expenses, pain, future issues Don will have?  Yeah, I know, not a chance.  Kudos to Mark Rubin for at least trying to sentence beyond guidelines.  Thank you Mr. Rubin.   Man sentenced […]

Don’t you all wish you were an elected or appointed official or worked “under a grant”?

I look around at all levels of Government and see incompetence, indifference, malfeasance, misfeasance, and nonfeasance.  I’m sure if you looked around you, it wouldn’t take long to identify some yourself.  We’ve got friends of friends, buddies, relatives of all kinds whether they are financial supporters or have done “favors” working at all levels of […]

A new way to contact us.

Folks, we’ve had an incredible amount of comments that we just cannot post, they primarily are vulgar rants, spam, or folks that want to be nameless.  We cannot do anything about the rants nor the spam, but think we can filter some of the crapola some want posted.  As such, our site administrator set up […]

Happy Easter everyone.

We wish you all the happiest of one of the most important holidays of the year for Christians.  Don’t forget the meaning of it, it really isn’t about jelly beans, colored eggs, or spoiling your kids with pet bunnies.  If you don’t know the significance of it, it might be worth your while to do […]

So, I’m just wondering what happened to “separation of Church and State”.

I got all warm inside when I read the article below.  The headline said “Carlton County offices to close” and immediately assumed someone finally discovered the true incestuous family occupying parts of the Courthouse.  Sadly, it isn’t so.  Its about Good Friday.  It really kind of strikes me funny that Government workers get off at […]

A comment from a reader of the blog that wants to see the truth told.

Okay boys and girls, I got this in an email today, it contains no profanity or disparaging information, so we decided to post it.  Cut and paste is a wonderful thing.   After logging onto this website and reading it with great interest, several thoughts come to my mind.  As a longtime Township Supervisor in […]

Someone explain the new “fees” charged to defendants.

I’ve been noticing a more frequent use of “fees” as charged in local cases.  Most of what I’ve seen are charged with petty misdemeanors and some are quite significant.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t necessarily disagree with funding criminal prosecution by the criminals themselves, I just wonder when and why all this happened. […]

Here you go boys and girls, do your own research.

There is a link of the home page to find your own statutes, please use it. Due to the enormous amounts of requests I’ve had for the below named statute, I decided to post it.  I’d ask you all to attempt to research MN statutes yourself, there is a link on the homepage.  I’m happy […]

Yet another dandy case….for the criminal.

Now, I have no knowledge of the investigation, the evidence or other pertinent details but it certainly appears there must have been evidence to prove the allegations of shipping their goods and proceeds across state lines.  Seems to me, there may have been some Federal Laws broken as well.  Once again, plead guilty to one, […]

Your “system” hard at work. For who? It really shouldn’t surprise anyone, should it?

Really now?  How the holy hell will you keep track of a probationer if he’s deported to El Salvador?  The prick isn’t here legally and he’s given probation?  What the hell do you prosecutors and judges drink at lunch?  Jettison the son of a bitch to a ravine off of El Salvador, in the ocean, […]