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Now the fun starts.

Well boys and girls, there was a hearing yesterday for our local princess that screwed all of us in the township out of much needed dollars.  Turned out she didn’t cop a plea and frankly, I hope she won’t.  If she’s guilty, let a jury decide, if she’s found innocent, you better hope and prey […]

Well Cartoon County property owners, you got your statements. Are you happy?

I hope all of you that voted for last falls referendum to increase your property taxes were enthralled on Saturday when you got your property tax statement.  I really do.  Mine only went up about $230.00 while the value of my property decreased nearly ten grand.  Of course, if you rent, you think your cutting […]

More good news. I just love getting good news.

  I’m not sure who the victim’s advocate will be, I hope the victims families get some representation, other than the fine advice thats been offered to previous highlighted cases that violated Statute.  If anyone needs help with the statutes regarding Victim’s rights, We’d be happy to help. Published March 23, 2011, 04:58 PM Two […]

Three cheers for a beauty queen.

Here’s a story for you all…  When seconds count, they both did what they needed to do. Armed Beauty Queen Fatally Shoots Intruder in Florida Home Invasion By Cristina Corbin Published March 22, 2011 | Florida beauty queen Meghan Brown, right, shot and killed an intruder with her pink .38-caliber handgun during a home […]

3 cheers for the Cartoon County Attorney. Seriously.

Okay boys and girls, I know you’ve all been sitting on your hands waiting for this to happen, we have too.  With an already seated Grand Jury, I don’t know why it took so long to happen but about now,  I don’t really give a rip, I’m just happy to see it finally happened.  Lets […]

Say a little prayer, send a check, lend a hand.

As the terrible information of the Japan incident continues to worsen, now it appears there is a possibility the winds are changing and may be heading for Tokyo, increasing the likelihood of radiation poisoning to residents of Tokyo.  We’ve all read and heard of the disaster and find it hard to even imagine, but just […]

I’ll eat some crow.

Folks, I was awful critical of our local dirtbags being only charged with 2nd degree homicide, questioning why it wasn’t first.  Well, one with more knowledge than I informed me via comment to my post that 1st degree could only be charged by a grand jury.  The readers point was highlighted in the most recent […]

More fraud against the taxpayers.

Published March 11, 2011, 09:45 AM By: Jana Peterson, Pine Journal Carlton schools face more cuts When voters in the Carlton School District passed a new operating levy in November, that vote ensured the district would not be forced to close or combine with a neighboring school district. Passing the referendum did not, however, mean the […]

Three cheers for the fraud investigator.

Its so refreshing to read a story of “the system” working the way it should.  I don’t know who the fraud investigator was that put this one together, but I give you one huge pat on the back and a huge “thank you!!!” from about every taxpayer I know.  Job well done.

Here’s an example of how things are supposed to work.

Okay boys and girls, the article below is how things are designed for treating repeat Felons with gun related histories.  If you’ve read some of the abysmal examples of local prosecution when it comes to armed felons, you’ll have to ask yourself “why”?