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I took the time today to categorize all the entries to make it easier for you folks.  I’d like to figure out a way to do it by date, but since I’ve got somewhat of a life, my time here is limited.  At any rate, if you look to the right of the opening page […]

Yet another dandy plea agreement.

For you regular readers, you might recall the case I highlighted last fall regarding the Texas man convicted of hauling 62 pounds of weed to Duluth as a favor to a sinister drug cartel, he got 107 days served and 3 years of probation.  The case highlighted below is yet another defining example of the […]

Captain Paul Fields, Tulsa, OK. Police Department

Recently, Captain Fields refused an order from his stupidvisor to order the men in his command to attend a “Law enforcement appreciation day” at a local mosque.  Well, he didn’t order them, no officers volunteered, and the good Captain was removed from his command and transferred.  Captain Fields retained counsel and is personally suing the […]

Those poor abused teachers. It must be tough to live on this kind of money.

For those of you that feel sorry for those poor mistreated teachers in WI, read the article below.  I really don’t know how they make it on $75K a year, working 9 months of the year, weekends and holidays off, no shift work, paid snow days, cafeteria, wow….the struggle they have to bear.  Oh, yeah, […]

At least it doesn’t only happen here.

Here’s another one, makes you feel warm about paying taxes, doesn’t it?  Kudos to the Social Services Managers that reported this thievery, I wish more had the balls to report the misdeeds of their underlings and minions.  Hey, I can dream, right? Ex-social services worker in Dakota County charged with theft A former Dakota County […]

More spineless politicians.

We’ve got another raft of spineless democraps running from issues.  Look at Wisconsin.  Lets not solve the problem, lets run to Rockford IL to a fancy hotel instead of doing our jobs.  The jobs we were elected to do.  The only spineless legislator’s words I’ve heard today came from Jim Holperin(D) Conover, WI.    Nice, […]

This is just really too funny folks. The irony is remarkable.

Okay, I’ve been chuckling at the irony of it all since I read the paper this morning.  We here in Cartoon County have a victims advocate working in the county attorney’s office that has been accused by more than a few of approving false claims from a former township supervisor.  Yes, in Minnesota it is […]

Another excellent use of tax dollars and stellar management.

Now folks, isn’t this great?  We get one of their fraudsters while they prosecute on of ours.  Isn’t this system just fantastically efficient? Published February 17 2011 Former St. Louis County employee accused of fraud in taking public aid. A woman who worked as a victims’ advocate in the St. Louis County Attorney’s Office and […]

3rd Annual Cowboy Cowgirl Gathering

Okay boys and girls, I normally wouldn’t do this here but I’m going to.  Randy and Steve are great guys,and are trying to help folks in the horse community to get rid of stuff they don’t need or use and find stuff they may need.  This is the third they’ve done and frankly, I admire […]

CCW Permit carriers

You all ought to be enraged by now.  Really.  You went through the effort to legally possess a firearm on your person, the training, the expenses, the paperwork.  Apparently in Cartoon County, even if you’re a convicted felon, its commonplace to have the possession charge dropped if you’re caught.  I’ve highlighted a few cases here […]