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Just remember to vote folks, that is what’s most important.

Whether or not you agree with the agenda of driving the forces of government to serve us instead of them, go vote on Tuesday, November 02.  Government is supposed to work for us, the taxpayers.  It hasn’t worked for quite awhile and its about time the voters took control again.  We urge every eligible voter […]

Our local Screwel district ballot question to raise taxes..again. Another boondoggle.

I got my local “Community Paper” today as well as a mailing from the other socialist group calling themselves “Forever Carlton Vote Yes Referendum Committee”.  I’ve got no clue who makes up this committee, I can only imagine.  In the “Community Paper” it prints the amounts your taxes will increase if you vote yes and […]

Let’s talk about the Mahtowa mafia, shall we?

It was recently brought to the attention of the Mickey Campaign that an intellectually challenged individual has or will demand a full investigation of this campaign and has accused a group of folks living near Mahtowa self named the Mahtowa Mafia.  We have no idea who would conduct such an investigation or why.  Last time […]

What about our law enforcement?

You know folks, it’s the cops, the deputies, and the troopers that do the work that supports this incompetent currently sitting on his six in the courthouse. They do the work that catches the criminals that the sitting attorney is supposed to prosecute. I cannot imagine how they feel. Well, that’s not exactly true, I […]

How do you boast about your plea agreements?

It will be interesting to see, if the information comes in time, but one must wonder how can you run on a record of convictions largely from plea agreements? Good thing no honest lawyer (come on now, be nice) wants to take the cut in pay, but darn near anyone could trash our county attorney […]

With any luck, there will be some statistical information shortly.

A request has been made for conviction information, hopefully Mickey can dissect charges brought, pleas made, and convictions by jury. I’m not sure if I’ll have it before elections but we’ll make every effort to get it, post it, and critique it. We’ve done our best to post what has been in the news, but […]

An intriguing article concerning prosecutorial misconduct.

I was rooting the web today and came across an interesting article by Jack King, public affairs director of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.  Its about nine pages printed and that’s why I didn’t post it here, you will find a link to the article below.  If you’ve got the time and tenacity, […]

How much more do you incompetent government hacks and really want? When is enough enough?

I’ve had three calls tonight endorsing the latest arm twisting referendum on our ballot, the “School District ballot question”.   Do you folks calling have any idea what the hell you’re talking about?  Really, do you?  I asked all three callers pertinent questions about spelling errors on the ballot and they all blamed it on […]

Are you folks really happy?

If you can take the time to read the misdeeds, the  non-fesance, and malfeasance of our county attorney and are happy about it, you might want to look around you.  This incompetent has allowed numerous felonies to be pleaded to nothing.  I’m not talking about “white collar crimes”, I’m talking about dirtbags using weapons.  Some […]

It’s gotta be civil folks.

Although I understand your frustrations with what has not happened in our county attorney’s office, you have to keep your replies civil.  Although I truly appreciate your time and effort to post replies, I just cannot post them with the words used and accusations made.  I’d like to keep this site civil, at least for […]