Does Duluth have its first case of an attempted honor killing?

Duluth fire victim works as advocate for families

Jaclyn Arnold, the Duluth woman found severely burned in the city’s Fond du Lac neighborhood on Thursday, was a new Duluth resident who began working as an advocate for marginalized families in the community earlier this year.

“She was new to the community, but really a gift to have here,” said Beth Olson, Arnold’s supervisor and executive director at First Witness Child Advocacy Center in Duluth.

In an update posted on a Go Fund Me page for Arnold, her coworker Laura Gapske wrote that Arnold has “full thickness burns over 85% of her body” and

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Liberals again prove what uninformed fools they are.

Liberal students love ‘Bernie Sanders’ tax plan.’ What they’re hearing is actually Trump’s tax plan.

Campus Reform visited the campus of Washington, D.C.’s George Washington University and asked students their opinions on Trump’s new tax plan. Needless to say, the students excoriated Trump’s proposal straight out of the gate.

What did students say when told it was Trump’s plan?

  • “It’s better for the upper class than anyone else.”
  • “Pretty much horrible for the middle class, especially the lower class.”
  • “It’s probably not the most efficient nor beneficial to the general populace.”
  • “Pretty negative.”

What did students say when told Trump’s plan was Sanders’ plan?

  • “I think that’s great.”
  • “I think [this] is definitely something we should be doing.”
  • “Good job, Bernie.”
  • “It’s a good plan, a positive plan that could help everyone.”
  • “Definitely better than what Trump is proposing.”

What did students say when they were told the truth?

  • “I am shocked that I do agree with Trump on certain things.”
  • “I’m definitely happily surprised that it sounds a lot better than I would have expected.”
  • “I would have imagined that he would be a little more stupid than that.”

Al franken again proves that he’s a fool.

Sessions clashes with Franken over Russia claim: ‘Give me a break’

Attorney General Jeff Sessions publicly and repeatedly clashed with Democratic Sen. Al Franken on Wednesday after being pressed over the accuracy of past testimony regarding his communications with the Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign.

In one of several testy exchanges Sessions had with Democratic senators during testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Franken, D-Minn., grilled the attorney general and suggested his explanations have changed.

“The goal post has been moved. First it was ‘I did not have communications with Russians’ – which was not true. Then it was ‘I never met with Russians to discuss any political campaign’ –  which may or may not be true. Now it is ‘I did not discuss interference in the campaign’ which further narrows your initial blanket denial about meeting with the Russians,” Franken said.

A visibly frustrated Sessions responded that, “Without hesitation, I conducted no improper discussions with Russians at any time regarding a campaign or any other item facing this country.”

Franken attempted to begin a second round of questioning before Sessions could respond in full to the first, but Sessions fired back

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What the liberal left really thinks about the rubes of the iron range.

Its a bit ironic that when the left gets caught in their lies and deception, a simple apology is all that is expected but when the right gets caught, demands for heads to roll are screamed from the rooftops.


Leaders, Groups, and Unions Upset with Comments About Miners in Magazine Article

October 13, 2017 10:55 PM

Union leaders, DFL officials, and environmental groups are upset after two well-known advocates were quoted with some disdainful comments about miners in a piece to be published in Sunday’s New York Times Magazine.

Becky Rom and Reid Carron are leaders in the Save the Boundary Waters Campaign. They are quoted by many news media about the issue of potential precious metals mining in the region.

In the latest article, written by Reid Forgrave for the New York Times Magazine, they comment on the mining community. Rom said, “Danny Forsman drives to the mine in his truck, comes home and watches TV, and doesn’t know this world exists.”

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Do you really wonder why the cops are so jumpy and on edge?

FBI: Over 57,000 Police Officers

Assaulted in 2016

The FBI’s unified crime report for 2016 shows that 57,180 police officers were assaulted and 118 were killed in the line of duty.

Nearly 80 percent “of officers who were assaulted in the line of duty were attacked with personal weapons (hands, fists, or feet).” Just over four percent were assaulted with firearms, and just under two percent were assaulted “with knives or other cutting instruments.”

According to the FBI report, 31.4 percent of the officers attacked with “hands, fists, or feet,” were injured, 11.9 percent of the officers attacked with firearms were injured, and nearly 11 percent of the officers attacked “with knives or other cutting instruments” were injured.

The most common time of assaults on officers was “12:01 a.m. to 2 a.m,” which is when 13.2 percent of the assaults occurred.

Over 32 percent of assaulted officers “were responding to disturbance calls” when attacked,;”15.6 percent were attempting other arrests;” and “12.6 percent were handling, transporting, or maintaining custody of prisoners.”

Of the 118 officers who were killed in the line of duty, 66 died due to “felonious incidents.” Sixty-two of these officers were killed with firearms, and 19 of the deceased officers were within five feet of their attacker when attacked. “Forty-five of the alleged offenders [who killed police] had prior criminal records.”

Fifty-two officers died in the line of duty in non-felonious incidents. These include patrol car accidents, being struck by vehicles while standing outside their patrol cars, motorcycle accidents, and crossfire, among other reasons.

AWR Hawkins is the Second Amendment columnist for Breitbart News and host of Bullets with AWR Hawkins, a Breitbart News podcast. He is also the political analyst for Armed American Radio. Follow him on Twitter: @AWRHawkins. Reach him directly  at

Doing the right thing is a remarkable feat these days.

Roofers in Maine stop work to respect national anthem, flag

Three Maine roofers put their hammers down and stood up to show respect for the national anthem on Saturday, in the process unknowingly posing for a photo that’s been used to symbolize one side of the contentious nationwide debate about “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

The roofers, who were working near Waterville High School’s football field, stood for the national anthem “even though they didn’t have to,” Michelle Lyons Cossar, the Old Town resident who snapped the photo, told Fox News on Monday.

While Cossar was standing for the anthem prior to the start of Saturday’s game, she said she heard someone in the stands point out the workers had also risen.

“When I looked over the fence, I saw them standing and respecting the flag,” she said.

That’s when she decided to take a picture.

“I just thought the world could use a little more of that right now,” she added.

Cossar’s photo has been shared nearly 600 times as of Monday afternoon.

The three men in the photo are Dwayne Harrison, Danny Thyng and James Scruggs, according to Cossar. The trio didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Shanon Gurski Dixon, a resident of Waterville, shared the Cossar’s picture to her Facebook page. She told Fox News she hopes to one day find and thank the men for “being such good role models to our youth.”

This story has never made much sense to me….


Lawsuit: Idaho Father Killed By Doomsday Prepper Deputy In Bull Euthanasia Gone Awry

The family of a man shot to death by a sheriff’s deputy after being asked to euthanize his bull says the law enforcement official has a history of obsession with firearms.

The sheriff’s office called Jack Yantis during dinner. A car had struck one of Yantis’ bulls, and the animal needed to be put down. Minutes later, Jack Yantis would be dead beside his animal.

The events of that November 2015 night remain the subject of fierce debate in Adams County, Idaho, where Yantis and his family owned a cattle ranch. When Yantis and his family went outside to shoot the bull, they encountered two sheriff’s deputies at the scene. The deputies fired at least 14 shots at Yantis, killing him on the spot. Both deputies claimed the shooting was in self-defense.

But in a lawsuit against the sheriff’s office filed on Friday, Yantis’ family describes the incident as murder by an officer who had previously spoken of a looming societal collapse, during which he would allegedly need to kill looters.

Jack Yantis, 62, would never have crossed paths with the officers had it not been for the call from the emergency dispatcher. One of Yantis’ bulls had wandered onto the dark road and collided with a car, the dispatcher said. The dispatcher asked the Yantis family if they would euthanize the animal.

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Consequences of the war on police.

By Susan Jones | October 16, 2017 | 11:44 AM EDT

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

( – Of the 118 law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty last year, up 37 percent from 2015, the FBI reported on Monday.

66 of the 118 deaths in 2016 were felonious and 52 were accidental.

Another 57,180 officers were assaulted in the line of duty in 2016, and nearly 30 percent of them reported injuries stemming from an attack.

“All of these numbers increased from figures reported in 2015, when 45 officers died accidentally and 41 were feloniously killed in the line of duty,” the FBI said. A total of 50,212 assaults were reported in 2015.

Of the 66 officers killed by criminal acts in 2016:

— 62 of the 66 were killed by firearms;

— 51 were wearing body armor at the time they were killed;

— four were killed intentionally with vehicles;

— 17 were killed in ambushes, 13 were killed answering disturbance calls, and 9 were killed investigating suspicious people or circumstances.

Of the 52 officers who were killed in accidents in 2016, 26 were killed in auto accidents, 12 were struck by vehicles, and 7 died in motorcycles accidents.

Through its Uniform Crime Reporting Program, the FBI collects data about the circumstances surrounding assaults against law enforcement and officer deaths. The data is collected from campus, local, state, tribal, and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as FBI field offices and non-profit organizations that track line-of-duty deaths.

The FBI data is used in officer safety training.

The full report can be found here.

Let them try it for a day or two and see how well it works. How progressive!!

Several Minneapolis Candidates Say They Believe In A City Without Police Officers



The candidates answered a question about a city without police officers in a voter guide survey organized by a local activist group.

Minneapolis, MN – Several candidates for Minneapolis City Council and Mayor said in a local voter’s guide that they can envision a city without police.

The question that the candidates were asked to reply to was “Do you believe that we could ever have a city without police?”

One of the survey’s writers, Ashley Fairbanks, said she included the question because there is a belief that “the police system is rooted in white supremacy and therefore irredeemable”, according to the Star Tribune .

The voter guide was compiled by the nonprofit group ‘Voices for Racial Justice, an activist group that has as one of its slogans on its Facebook page, “no justice no peace.”

The candidates and incumbents who answered the question ‘yes’ said that they do not plan to eliminate the police department.

They tried to clarify their answer and said “they were describing an ideal future in which inequality and racism are eliminated and government policy has solved many of the social problems now handled by police arresting and imprisoning people.”

Fairbanks said that the voter guide has 17 questions including a candidate’s favorite album and transportation infrastructure.

She said, “Police reform doesn’t actually work. We need to radically re-imagine what policing will look like in our community.”

Council candidate Phillipe Cunningham said that a city without police was a “utopian” idea but that the current focus should be police reform, and making police officers “better.”

Other candidates also agreed with the idea of police reform.

Despite answering “yes,” Council Member Alondra Cano said that she would like to see more police presence in her ward, and that the problems of “homelessness, commercial sex exploitation, and chemical dependency are societal issues.”

She also said, “Then you start alleviating the pressure that a lot of police officers feel to address these very deeply rooted challenges in our community, which they themselves know they’re not going to be able to solve.”

In response to the question, two mayoral candidates, two incumbents, and five City Council candidates answered yes.

The City Council candidates were incumbent Lisa Bender; incumbent Alondra Cano; candidate Phillipe Cunningham; candidate Jeremiah Ellison; candidate Janne Flisrand; candidate Ginger Jentzen; and candidate Jeremy Schroeder.

The two mayoral candidates who answered yes were incumbent Council Member Jacob Frey and current state Rep. Ray Dehn.

Current Mayor Betsy Hodges and three mayoral candidates, Nekima Levy-Pounds, Al Flowers, and Aswar Rahman all answered the question ‘no’. One candidate, Tom Hoch, did not complete the survey.

An act of pride and kindness.

Marines surprise widow with new flags after hers were stolen


BARBERTON, Ohio — It’s often the small gestures that make the biggest impact. For one Barberton woman the kindness of strangers brought her family to tears.

Naomi Litton, 84, is the widow of a proud Marine and Korea War Veteran. Every day she wakes up and looks out her window at both the Marine and American flag, until early this week, when she noticed both were missing. Someone cut down and stole the flags from the flag pole in her front yard.

“I think I went into shock,” said Litton. “My goodness the flags are gone…I was devastated and I think I shed a few tears of course I was thinking about my husband.”

A neighbor posted what happened on social media and two former Marines made it their mission to surprise Litton.

“Once a Marine always a Marine and the Marines stick together no matter what,” said Arthur Kennedy, a former Marine who answered the call to help.

A Fox 8 camera was rolling as the two rang Litton’s doorbell and presented her with both flags, even taking time for their installation.

“It doesn’t matter what color, creed, age, the Marine will be there,” said former Marine Scott Cole.

It’s a gesture the Litton family say they will not forget.

“These guys took time out of their day to do that it’s phenomenal and I’m so proud,” said a tearful Carol Bailey, Litton’s daughter. “I’m so proud of my dad, all of our life but now this, he would be proud.”

This year Naomi’s husband, Edward Litton, would have been 86 years old, the couple was married for 62 years.

Now, thanks to the kindness of fellow Marines, Litton can once again look out her window and be reminded of her husband.

“I can’t thank them enough, there’s no words to thank them,” said Bailey. “What wonderful men, Semper Fi, Marine, Semper Fi.”